Friday, September 3, 2010

The exciting life and times of Emma

Emma has wanted to play volleyball for a couple of years now, so I told her when we moved here she could try out for the Middle school team. We didn't have sports in our traditional school back in the DC area, but they did do intramural when a parent volunteered. I volunteered for Volleyball in 6th grade, so she could play. In 7th grade I didn't volunteer soon enough- another mother was already doing it and Emma didn't want to play for her. So she did no volleyball in 7th grade. I talked to her about how much better these girls would be considering that most of the girls who would be trying out would have played on the 7th grade team. I tried to prepare her as much as possible, but also tried to give encouragement. She did a camp in the summer and another one 3 days before tryouts. I was extremely nervous for her! The day of tryouts, they had them tryout and then go away. They said no one was to come back until 9 pm when they would have the list posted on the window. We took Emma out to Wendy's. At 8:45pm we finally decided to make our way back. Emma was at first freaked out, because he had told them if he saw any of them, he wouldn't put the list up, but we assured her that he was most likely long gone! When we got to the school, she said she wanted to go see the list alone. I sat in the car chewing my fingers off. She turned around almost immediately and then went back. I thought- oh that's a bad sign. It was like she hadn't seen her name with a quick glance, but then decided to stop and go back to make sure she hadn't missed it in her quick glance. Then she did a little hop thing and turned around. "oh my goodness was that a hop?" Yes, I was freaking out! Anyway- She did make it! The reason she had turned around immediately was that her name was the first one on the list, so it didn't take long to find. She turned back around, because she wanted to make sure some of the other girls she had made friends with had made it as well!
Yesterday was her first game. Despite our fears that she would be on the bench a good share of the time, she played over half the game each time. They have decided that she is a back row girl. So she plays only on the back row and is switched out every time she has to rotate to the front. He sees real potential in her for the digging, passing to the right person kind of job. And I must say, I thought she did pretty well. The whole team isn't the best, though. The match was over in about 20 minutes! That was an expensive 20 minutes. I think I won't be going to that many more away games! I did; however, find the perfect chair to take to all my children's games! Whose in the front row now, baby?!


Stacey said...

WOW!! Now THAT is a chair!