Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get a real Camera, Mom!

This is the only picture I have (that turned out at all) of Emma playing volleyball. I brought my nice camera to the first game, but it wouldn't work- I had left it on and the battery was drained. So the next time I brought my little camera. I'm not sure why, since I had charged the battery on the big camera. I guess I didn't want to look dumb if it didn't work, again! My little camera is not so good at taking action shots, obviously. I have forgotten a camera ever since then. Yes, Emma is on her Middle school Volleyball team. Yes, she plays, except when her Dad takes his turns to go watch her. For some reason he is bad luck. Every time he shows up, she doesn't play the whole game until the last couple minutes! The poor coach does have 5 players vying for 2 positions, so Emma has to sit out a game every other game or so. Today, however; she might actually get to serve. Her serve is finally getting more consistent and so he told her that he just might put her in today to serve! Good luck Emma!


Anonymous said...

Em looks good, Down low ready to dig. Grandma