Monday, September 27, 2010

Camera whoas

We went to the Primary talent show. Of course my video camera batteries were dead, so I used my little camera, which has video. Max kicked a ball across stage, so I won't put that up for you to preview. It was cute only for a mom. Sam did his football touchdown celebration. This consisted of catching a ball Dad threw to him, spinning it on the ground then doing a back flip. This impressed everyone, unfortunately, that video was so blurry you can't see a thing! Joseph made his famous soup. Everyone loved it and ate it all up. Which was bad for us, since we were so rushed we didn't have dinner. If I could just get my camera equipment figured out, I might have some pictures next time!


Anonymous said...

that talent show goes with the lessons for this month in Primary. Wish our ward would do one. Still haven't quite got that soup recipe done though. You may have to print it again. Mom