Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday I was thankful for education. I may not be the best writer, the fastest reader or the most eloquent speaker, but I can read some amazing books written by creative and eloquent writers, I can write a coherent sentence that I won't be ashamed of later in life and I can speak English and even some German. I have been reading The Book Thief, lately. It is set in Nazi Germany and I can actually understand most of the German phrases in the book years after living in Germany. If we end up in Belgium (one of 5-6 options for our next assignment), I thought this knowledge would give me a head-start in learning to communicate. Nope, I was wrong. We looked it up real quick. Belgium has 3 official languages and the predominantly spoken is actually French! Oh, well, the other nice thing about education is, that it never stops!


Anonymous said...

don't tell dad that they are mostly French in Belguim or I won't get to come and visit. Maybe the pastries and chocolates bring him around. Mom