Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful for This Guy!

My favorite guy just turned, in the words of his brother, a very big gun number! I am so thankful for him and all he does for our family. He had to take a Calculus final on his birthday- not cool! But hopefully we made it fun for him afterward. We had Cold Stone cake, which I might have accidentally thawed too long! I forgot to get a number candle for his cake, so we are adding up the numbers on the cake to equal his! We also told Dad what we liked about him- the kids were all jumping up and down and yelling things out. They liked his toughness, how fun he is, how he helps us be better people and what a good toe popper is- don't know what a toe popper is? Obviously you don't have a Rob at your home!Among other things, I got him two new books to read at night. Every night, that we don't get into bed way too late, I read to the kids, then I read to Rob to help him fall asleep. Ok, I just laughed when I wrote that, but it's true- Sort of endearing of him, like a cute little boy. So, I knew we were going to be done with our book (Pirates Latitude) soon, hence the need for new books. We stayed up late and finished the book and now we have two to choose from- a Steve Berry and a Dave Barry! I got mixed up on which Berry/Barry I was looking for at Barnes and Nobles, so in the end I got both! Rob chose the Dave Barry one to read next. hmm, I wonder if that one will actually put him to sleep?
While we were eating our melted ice cream cake Joseph lost another tooth. That boy can't seem to keep the teeth he looses. He has lost at least half of his teeth that have fallen out. A few of them he swallows and the others have been lost by dropping them. I can't believe he waits until they are so loose that they literary fall out of his head and down his throat without him noticing! He told me his mouth hurt on that side yesterday, but he didn't know why? Really? He has this whole super-taster thing going on where he gags on just about anything that isn't peanut butter or chocolate or meat, but he doesn't know when his tooth is loose. What is that all about? He gave his tooth to Rob to keep safe for him. Rob put it on the kitchen counter and then I wiped down the kitchen counter and sent the tooth flying under the stove! Don't worry, we got it out. Whew! But then the tooth fairy almost forgot to show up. I swear that fairy doesn't have all her wits about her some days.


Anonymous said...

I know why I have to ask Rob how old he is very birthday because he does not seem to age. Still his handsome boyish self. MIL

Cover the Day said...

Happy birthday to rob. He's always been my favorite brother-in-law. What? I can have favorites. It's not like he's one of my kids. For all you I am now in the blogging world come see my site and vote on the name you like for our baby best. covertheday.blogspot.com

Your favorite brother,

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

It sounds like an action packed week with our favorite family. Wish we could be there!!