Thursday, November 4, 2010

Opportunities to grow

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints takes care of this for almost anyone! I am a relatively shy, not very confident person generally. When I moved from Virginia to Germany, my last two years of High school, I made a point of coming out of my shell a little. I was tired of not having very many friends and not knowing who to sit with at lunch, etc. I used to make goals for myself- speak at least three times in a group conversation, speak to at least 2 people at a party, etc. My last two years of High School were a lot more fun than the first two! Since then I have continued to get better at public speaking and teaching. One group I have always been a little wary of, though is the 13-15 year olds. They are a very judgmental group! So, what do I get called to as soon as I arrive in this area? Answer: Teaching scriptures to 14-15 year olds! Not only that, but we are in the Old Testament right now- in Isaiah and Jeremiah. Hello, I don't even know what they are saying! How am I suppose to expand and make Isaiah and Jeremiah interesting to teenagers? Growth!

I was asked just recently to be on the committee for the Relief Societies Christmas party. I came up with a theme and they liked it so went with it, but now they had no idea what to do for the program. I felt a little responsible so I wrote one up real quick, even though it wasn't my assignment and e-mailed it to the lady that was in charge as an idea of what she could do. Guess whose in charge of the program now! My husband is shaking his head and grumbling under his breath right this minute- at the gym- just because he knows by telepathy what I have done! Needless to say I have started listening to Christmas music a little early this year! LOL. I need a song that fits with the angel coming to see Joseph and telling him to take Mary as his wife. Any ideas? Growth!

Children- no explanation needed there! Growth!!

Living together as husband and wife- again no explanation needed there! Growth!

My question is why we have to have our ears and nose continue to grow as we get older and what are all these crazy hairs? That's some growth I could do without!


Anonymous said...

So you didn't just say yes. You actually voluntered. That's my Deb.
I know that what I just throw out someone would need. I just yesterday took to the recycle all my Old testament aids, pictures, games, etc from teaching seminary. Too late you will have to ask Mr. hubby for his secret tips and tricks.