Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Have you got your hands up in the air with a little stamp of your foot when you sang that title! 'cause you know you just sang it, not said it! Good movie, yes?! I am grateful for good movies. There are so few of them these days. I almost never want to go see a movie anymore! They are all rated R or horror films. I can not believe people go to see all these horror films! Of course at this very moment my 5 year old is watching The Lord of the Rings. I told him, "you should want to be watching Aladdin." He said, "what's Aladdin?" I said, "exactly!" Younger ones never get the same exposure as the older ones did! The boys have watched the Lord of the Rings like a thousand times. We only have The Fellowship of the Rings, because we thought the rest were too violent to be in the house. So Sam is just reading the books instead. Hmmm!
I am also grateful for traditions! At my home we used to have a big piece of paper in November hung on the door that we wrote down what we were thankful for on. Then it turned into making placemats with cut out pictures from magazines of things we were thankful for. At our house we do this too, but I change up how it is done. For the second year, I made a tree and have cut out individual leaves
(I'm grateful for my slice machine that does this for me!) that we all write something we are thankful for on and then attach them each day. The tree is getting rather full, already. We have also made it a rule that we are only giving Thankful prayers at night. No asking for stuff at all, just thank you's. We have had some rather short prayers lately! I am hoping that eventually it will get easier as we go along! The kids were getting into a rut of just saying memorized sentences, so we are trying to kill two birds with one stone here. What are some of your traditions to remember thankfulness?


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for daughters who take traditions into their home and make this better and more meaningful. See you in Dec. Love Mom