Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My latest creation- Ta-Da! I copied the idea off of Kerri Bradford. She does these every season. I just am too cheap and don't really have the right equipment to buy them from her, so I came up with my own.

Rant 1: I am so done with snow! February should always be the start of spring in my opinion. This also leads us to...
Rant 2: Why, if there is so much snow and moisture in
Ohio is my water bill $400 in the summer and $100 in the winter? Never have I paid this much for water and I have lived in places with drought conditions!
Rant 3: I am starting to really dislike Ohio! I had to do a million and one things to get my nursing license, including having my original transcripts from Nursing school sent here. Then I realize, it is still taking an unusually long time for my nursing license to go through. Guess what- the fingerprints never went through! Now I have to go and do them all over again. Luckily, I used my brain and the computer and the phone to figure that whole mess out or my nursing license would have been pending forever!
Rant 4: Why can't someone come up with a phone that is amazing like the android phones, has a great camera in it and is thin and light so that I can run with it. Is that too much to ask, people!

Ok, so that's done. Now in other news, Emma is going to her first dance on Saturday and signing up for her high school classes. When did all this happen and where was I? Oh my goodness time is flying. The first day she started Mia maids I got a little depressed. I have never been in any classes with her, ever, at church! We actually get along just fine and I don't think she would have any problem with me being there, but in 4 years she'll be gone. How depressing is that! On a positive note, she tried out for the high school choir and made it.
Right now she is doing indoor soccer. It is co-ed. Can you imagine- co-ed at this age. I am sure she will be smashed by one of those big boys soon. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad! She was so close to getting a goal last game, but that darn boy was too tall! If it had been a girl goalie, she would have gotten it for sure!
I just signed Rob and I up for the Air Force Marathon. Crazy? Just might be!


Searls Stuff said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute! I love it and will have to steal the idea from you.
As for Ohio: those are just a few of the reasons Ron & I left! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Emma at her first dance tell us all about it. I want details.
like the hanging would make a great gift for any special occasion.

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

Another marathon!! You are awesome. I bet the two if you will be lightening fast!!