Sunday, February 13, 2011


Emma went to her first dance on Saturday. I took her and a friend up there and then the friend's sister was suppose to drive them home, but locked her keys in her car. Emma didn't get home until 11 pm when the mother went up to rescue them. She said the dance was just Ok. Her friend ditched her most of the time in favor of a boy, whom she ended up kissing at the end of the dance- Oh the humanity!
Emma did; however, dance with a couple of guys and hung out and danced with some other girls. I think it just takes time to get to know the other people in the wards around the area to feel more comfortable at these dances.
I was lucky with my first dance. My big brother Karl had a friend that he must have convinced to ask me to dance right away. So I got all the nerves out and just ended up having lots of fun. Those dances were the best. In Ramstein (Kaiserslautern second ward!) the dances were relaxed and fun! Everyone got out and danced and was silly!! When we moved they were never the same! I stopped wanting to go, because I didn't know anyone anymore, I was nervous and felt alone. I was really hoping that wouldn't be Emma's first experience. It seemed like it was right in between.
On a more positive note, Emma's indoor soccer team won on Saturday!

We have been doing Valentine's around here. I found these cute valentines on Meck Mommy. Don't you love how Max put his in neat little rows? Joseph's 100 days of school is on Valentine's day also, so he was suppose to bring 100 M & M's. I made him this little topper, because wouldn't you as a teacher want to know this!! (It says, 100 M & M's counted and inspected by Joseph Kress after thoroughly washing his hands.)


Anonymous said...

as a teacher I would love to know the last bit of information about his hand. I have become a hand washing fan after seeing where those young hand go during a typical day. Glad the dance was OK. Mine where not OK and it wasn't fun.

Anonymous said...

thought about how great big brother are. The first child in the family has to braze the trail for the others. We did have a special group in the Sevicemen's stake. Wonderful place to raise a family. mom

Searls Stuff said...

Such a crafty lady! Super cute Valentines!