Sunday, February 6, 2011


This week the kids got a couple snow days, except it wasn't for snow- it was for ice! We had an ice storm that was crazy. It knocked out power to lots of homes, including our own. We were without power for about 8 hours. Luckily it was when we went to bed, so we just piled on the blankets and ended up sleeping pretty well. We woke up to the power coming back on. Thank you Mr. Power Company Man!
This is what the kids do when they have a snow day.
This is what we had to do. It was back breaking work to split up all that ice on our death defying driveway. We are absolutely forbidden to put ice on the driveway, so instead we put the sledge hammer on it over and over and over and over. Do you like Rob's purple gloves? We switched until I got heated up and then I took off my gloves and my coat. Man I was sweating! I totally know what it must have felt like being in prison and splitting rocks! Look how thick that ice was!
It was beautiful looking all over the trees, but we were afraid for our pine tree. Lots of branches broke all around our home, but our trees were saved! They made it through to the defrost a couple days later! So glad we weren't iced out completely!


Searls Stuff said...

That is just crazy!!! My in-laws live up river from you, near a small town called Portsmouth. They said they have had snow most of the winter but haven't said anything about the ice. Your back must have been sooo tired after clearing your driveway.