Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Presidential Evening

For some reason the children got two days off for Presidents day. Robert got none- commy school! LOL. Anyway, I decided they needed at least a little brain stimulation for their long weekend, so I put together a Presidential dinner. It was suppose to be steak and potatoes with brownies for dessert, but Rob said he really just wanted waffles. I went through our presidents book and took some fun facts about each president and put them on a silhouette. We read them during dinner. After dinner we played Wits and Wagers with a Presidential twist. I made up the cards that we used. It was fun to learn that Virginia is called the Mother of Presidents because 8 presidents have been born there. Ohio is second with 7. We learned that President Nixon came back from World War 2 with over $10,000 in poker winnings, that there have been 2 father/sons as president and 2 people who have been impeached. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest President ever at 42, but Kennedy was the youngest elected at 43. Taft was so large they had to put a special tub in the White house for him. He weighed over 300 pounds. James Madison was the shortest president at 5'4 and only 100 pounds. It was a fun, informative evening!


Anonymous said...

We watched a very informative history channels program on the early presidents. That Mr. Jackson was a dirty a rough fighter. Love your presidental dinner. We will consider it for next year. Mom