Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Max goes to School

Monday morning Max woke up early. He dressed, got his hair combed and ate his breakfast. He brushed his teeth and headed for the car, just like his older brother Joe.
Today Max was going to school for the first time! Once at the school Mom came with Max into his teachers room. They unpacked his bag and hung it up. Max found his name before Mom could.
Max sat big and tall in his chair and was careful to always raise his hand and not shout out.
Max had a little trouble remembering to use the bathroom when he had time, but the teacher taught them the sign that meant- I need to go potty right now!
Max loved all the activities at school, including his favorite- the letter hunt. There were snacks that just appeared at the end of the letter hunt! How did they get there? Mom stayed with Max and helped out his teacher until he went for lunch.
After school Max met a person who shook his hands so they could become friends. This friend helped him get on the right bus to go home.
Max loved his first day of school. The question now is, will he love his second day of school!


Anonymous said...

cute cute picture. good job mom. great story Max. grandma

Searls Stuff said...

He is sure a cute kid! I hope he has a wonderful year.

The Johnsons said...

so cute. I can't believe our kids are growing up so fast