Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our birthday balloon has lasted 3 months now and is still flying around the house with a patrol base hanging from it and 3 military scouts.  Sam decided this would make a great egg drop contraption and so he confiscated it for his school project.

His team's design was one of the best.  It let the egg drop nice and slow down from the bleachers.
In other great news- we went to see Lake Erie the other day.  Rob and the boys all dipped their feet in the great lake.  Emma and I refrained, because we were so cold to begin with.  It was a whole 10 degrees colder up in Oregon, Ohio!  We also walked around the nature walk and scared all the birds away before the birders could get out their binoculars.   It was the biggest week- birder week- who knew?  I have got to see that movie, now!
I guess I was too cold to remember to do anything, because I have no pictures of our adventure to the Great Lakes!- but I promise, we went!


Anonymous said...

the birder were probaby not happy with you. aug is the season for the great lakes but now you have been.mom