Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's day

Mother's day was chill.  
Rob tried new flowers.

They are pretty, but have no smell.  We had a discussion about favorite flowers.  Mine are tulips, daisy's, Gerber daisy's then roses, and Calla lilly's and then everything else.  I do love a pretty flower.
Robert baked his first lasagna ever.

He did a great job.  I couldn't eat his regular Sunday cooking of roast or steak, because of my oral surgery.

I love all the colors on our table.
They also made me cookies- Ghiradella Chocolate chip and english toffee cookies.

Super yum!
A few days later, I found a paper in Joseph's folder where he answered questions about his marvelous mom.  These were his responses:
What flower would your mom be?  A daisy, because she is beautiful.
What song would she be?  A love song, because she loves.
What super hero would she be?  Superwoman, because she is super.
What candy would she be?  Jellybeans, because she is sweet.
What car would she be?  A van, because she has a van.
What color would she be?  Purple, because purple is her color.
What animal would she be?  A rabbit, because she is fast.
What TV show would she be?  Action, because she likes to be active.
I wonder why he decided that purple was my color?  I think I have one whole thing in my wardrobe that is purple!  Anyway, it was fun to read!  I love the way they think.  It certainly keeps life interesting being a mother!