Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas

We didn't end up going to see family and friends out west, which was probably a good thing, considering Robert still isn't done with his thesis and he went in almost every day.  He did, however; get all his calculations done!  
I did get some baking done and get it off to friends.

Besides these, I did caramels.  The caramels and the candy apples are always the biggest hit!

Our cards this year were a little more on the sparser side.  I think less and less people are doing them- sad!

Christmas eve we did the traditional Christmas story.  Joseph always plays Joseph and Emma is always Mary.  That leaves the rest of the parts to the other two boys.  Sam was the angel, the wisemen (all of them!), and King Herod. 
Joseph is really excited about the gifts the baby got!
Max was the shepherds- all of them.  Don't you like his "sore afraid" face? 

Dad reads the narrative and mom slaughters the songs on the piano as we all slaughter the singing of the words.  Unfortunately, I never practice and none of us can sing.  Thankfully, we were the only ones around to hear us.
This year we also had everyone perform a Christmas song.  Even Max participated.  He has been begging me to let him take lessons.  I decided for half a year, it wasn't worth it, but have been teaching him myself (when I get the chance.)

Christmas morning is still lots of fun!  The kids are still very excited.

Santa wrote us another letter (ala JRR Tolkien style).  It was two pages long and explained why he fled north and how he got his sleigh.
I love the beauty of Christmas!

I love the days off to play and bond.

I love new stuff- even though the electronics do bring some headaches!

I love the traditions and the excitement of getting a present that delights the person you got it for!
Especially we love the meaning of Christmas and the wonderful story that we re-enact each year!


Anonymous said...

way to multi task Sam and Max. wish our young adults were willing to play all the parts. The christmas story needs to be acted out live every CHristmas. I do think Emma is type casted

Searls Stuff said...

Your sweet little family is wacky, wild, and wonderful. Thanks for sharing the joy.