Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February- How I loath thee- Let me count the ways...

#1 You are the coldest month right when I am done with being cold.
#2  Ground hog day- it makes no sense!  If the ground hog saw it's shadow, shouldn't that be a good thing?  That means the sun is out!
#3  Every 4 years you are a day longer.  Why couldn't we add that extra day to... say...July?
#4 Valentine's day- never liked it!  I was always on the outs with boys during Valentine's and for some reason my friends always forgot me too.  After Elementary school, I don't think I ever got another Valentine's, ever!  Rob must have been the same way, because now we mostly ignore the existence of it.  The only thing that keeps bring it to our minds is..
#5  Making Valentine's- Ok, this is mostly my own fault.  I can't possibly be one of those mom's that has their kid sign a boughten card and maybe stick something onto it.  Nope, I have to do something different.  I toned it down this year on account of I ran out of time, (what with the making of cake pops

 and decorating a #10 can to look like a zombie for Max's Valentine day haul)

but I still searched for the perfect Valentines cards on the internet and printed them myself.  Love these little Minions.

Joseph wanted to know why I gave him baby cards.  I explained that Minions are the height of cool and everyone likes Minions!  It helped when his older brother agreed that Minions were super cool! and..
#6  Now I have to deal with my children's emotional trauma.  Sam was the only one that came home empty handed and it made him sad.  No one remembered him at all.  Of course, he didn't give anything except some cake pops (that I tied up in the shape of flowers for teachers) to one of his teachers.  Joseph and Max got the regular haul and Joseph even got a crush gram sent to him (anonymously.)  Emma has a stalker, so she got something unwelcome from him.  Then she had to take him out of class and explain to him that she didn't like him that way.  She is a sensitive soul, so that made her cry.  She explained to us that she was just rubbing her eyes and then she was walking near onions, but we all know the truth!  The next day she learned from a friend that the stalker thought he just needed to give her a little more time.  There's nothing like Valentine's to make all of this suppressed crazy come to a head,  people feel inadequate and our children feel completely unloved!  Stupid holiday!!
Now can we move onto March already!


Anonymous said...

poor Sam he is still into valentines as a safe I'm a friend holiday expression and I love candy thing but at 8th grade it has moved into a more boyfriend thing and most junior high kids won't be getting treats and cards. Emma I am afraid will have to learn to handle the unwanted guy attention- being cute and nice and all. Lise gave me flowers and dad gave Lise candy and Tim got nothing- he just eat Lise's candy - I am also not a fan of Valentine but then I don't like most holidays.

Anonymous said...

Jacob in KG and Bethany got something. I was completely uninspired and just made Rick a small chocolate cake. It's really only fun in elementary school. Tell Sam we will be his Valentine.