Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Grumbling Post

Sorry!  I realize this is two in a row.  On the positive- someone gave Sam a Valentine late.

So sweet!

But here is the real post:
So I realize that I am not very articulate.  It is not a quality I possess.  I also realize that I am not eloquent in writing (although someone better tell the AP administration about that and fire whoever gave me a 3 on my English AP exam!) But am I really that bad that people take offense at the the slightest thing? Am I really so bad that when I am trying to agree with someone they think I am disagreeing?  Am I really so bad that people completely block any interaction with me?  I have had people tell me that I ramble and make no sense.  I have been told that I shocked people with the things I said.  When rereading comments, I found nothing shocking whatsoever.  I found badly managed arguments, but those shocking bits of information that I supposedly said, were not in there.  Maybe it was the poor choices of words that distracted them and made them think I was insinuating something that I was not.  But as far as I am concerned, I have decided it's not me at all.  I am putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of social media, because this is my blog and I can say anything I want on it.  And... there you have it- the problem in a nutshell!  "This is my Twitter, Facebook Page, whatever, so I can say anything I want."  I can put out there how annoying your dog is and that you don't follow the rules of keeping him on a leash for the whole world to see, but I won't tell you face to face.  What's worse, is that people have begun to say it face to face.  The rudeness level today is unbelievable!  And people are taking offense quicker than ever too.  That's probably because of all the people talking about them and judging them right there for everyone to see, so if anything is said that might pertain to them, they flip out.  I tell you it's caused a lot of grief- almost enough for me to say- "forget it!" and cancel my Facebook page and my blog and just worry about my own family.  I know I have had to stop communicating with several people, because no matter what I say and how nicely it's said, it gets turned around.  Something positive becomes a negative and I don't even know how.  The only reason I don't cancel it all, is for those few people I hold dear whom I want to keep up with and who enrich my life.  For that, social media is a good thing and I am happy for it.  I just wish the rest of the world would use it for the same purpose!


Anonymous said...

I have thought many of these things myself. I appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to keep in contact, so please don't get discouraged. Love You!

Searls Stuff said...

Oh dear! I hope I'm not one of the people that made a comment that sounded rude! Don't quit publishing; I love reading your work.

Anonymous said...

almost a Karl rant- please keep posting or your mom will never know what is happening- Kisses to the grandbabies