Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I learned on an 8th grade Field Trip

1.  8th grade is the great divider!  You have your girls that definitely have some womanly ways going on, you have your boys who have gotten their man genes up and running, and then you have everyone else- the hyperactive, silly kids.  Sam fits in with the last group, but thankfully is not the hyperactive, silly type.  I looked really close and he is starting to get a Fu Manchu mustache.  He told me he was going to grow it out, but Dad says, "oh no, we'll take care of that!"
2. Girls like Sam, but not the womanly ways girls and I am OK with that!!  He talks with the other girls and actually has a girl type friend, but he says going out with her like a girlfriend would be super awkward!
3.  Boys are different than girls.  Dad tried to tell me that a long time ago!  I'm learning Dad.  We had a 2 hour window where we had nothing to do (seriously, 2 hours!!  This teacher, I think, just likes to get out of the school!)  When we all got back together, one of the chaperones asked me what we did.  I said, "We ran up and down the tower stairs 2 1/2 times."
We were all trying to touch the netting on top, but only Sam and I could jump up and get it, so they found a little platform where they all could reach.  The baby does not belong to our group, it is just some random Elementary that came on their own field trip.  Ignore the Asian baby!

"Oh, that's right, you have boys!" She said.  Then she explained that she had a girl group and they went out to the main shopping area and shopped at H&M, and the Accessory store and the soap and lotion store.  I asked my boys if they wanted to go out onto Köngistrasse

and they asked, "what's that?"  I said, "it's the main shopping area."  "Ew, shopping?  No!"  Yep-  I had boys + one girl who has not developed womanly ways!  She was perfectly fine being put with the boys.  My calves hurt so bad for 4 days after that adventure and I now knows what's going in my workouts as a track coach (yes, I am signed up to be a track coach for the spring.)
4.  The selfie game!  You didn't even know it existed?  You are not alone.  I learned all about it and all about #selfieswithstrangers!  I don't think I won, because this is the only selfie I took that day.
If you look real hard, you can just see Jordan's (the one girl in the group, besides me)hair on the left.

5.  Boys eat a lot of food.  We left the school soon after we got there- so naturally most of them had just had breakfast not an hour before.  When we arrived at the Hauptbahnhof, the boys proceeded to get breakfast at McDonald's.  I had a hot chocolate which doesn't taste the same in Germany.  Not an hour later and they wanted to eat lunch, then it was french fries and then candy and then the lunch they brought.  Where do they put it all??
6.  Since Samuel begged me to sign up to be a chaperone, I know that my son is not ashamed of me and that is the best knowledge of all!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is how those boys are at that age. Glad you could keep up. Sam is a sweetheart and you are a cool mom!