Thursday, February 13, 2014

My kids are better than Yours

Well, we've done it- we won.  All the boys have now been given an award at school- which means mom no longer has to run up there.  Joseph was the first (a couple of months ago) and got Student of the Month.

  Max got Student of the Month, today.

 Sam decided to get 4 awards at once and not tell us about any of them.  Ok- he didn't know- and for some reason they didn't email us about Sam.  Of course he got the big award- Student of the Semester which came with a $10 gift card.

I decided to comment about us not being informed and the secretaries apologized, but assured me that I would have been one of 3 parents that did showed up for middle school awards.  I guess that's not cool to have your mom there trying to take a picture of you elbow bumping the germaphobic Principal's elbow.
Max was sad for his sister, today, that she still hasn't been awarded anything.  Poor loser sister.  Or is it loser High school that doesn't give out awards for cutest, sweetest, best darn girl in the whole school?  I'm thinking it's the latter!


Anonymous said...

I think they let us know about middle school awards but I'm not sure. Congratulations Sam! We are glad they agree that you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

way to go students of the month and semester. grandma

Searls Stuff said...

Rebecca has found the same sort of "Parent's aren't involved" attitude at Seth's middle school. She just keeps showing up, calling, making conference appointments, and being her normal squeaky wheel self. Good for both of you for being involved parents. We need more like you in this day and age.