Monday, April 25, 2016

A Poor Man's Tale of Springbreak

Moving- it's expensive!  Top that with $5000 in home repairs to sell a house that we have never lived in, $4000 for a transmission blown in the truck that Emma is driving, $12000 for a new car for Emma so we can get the truck back, plus deductibles for the two cars that we are having fixed up after our time in Europe (yep, everyone's cars look bad while driving around Europe and their tiny streets with their impossibly small parking spaces, but apparently you just can't take the hooptie look back to the US.)  That's right, everyone say it together- You is broke!  So what do Poor men do during Springbreak- not much.  When you live in the US- no big deal.  Half the population isn't doing anything either, except hanging out.  But when you live in Europe, everyone and I mean, EVERYONE is gone!!  So for the majority of the break we sat around and played playstation until our eyes bugged out of our heads and mom had to run to her bedroom and shut the door to get away from the bug-eyed monsters!  
We did get to do one thing that we have wanted to do for a while.  We ran down to Lake Konstance otherwise known as the Bodensee.  
We visited Monkey Mountain one day.

And Mainau island the next.  
 This was in the play park on the island.  I love that German's attitude is parents are supposed to be responsible for their children.  They build all these very cool parks and they expect you to look after your children and judge if they are age appropriate for things.  There is no suing going on, so they can continue building super cool parks!

 Beautiful Venitian style waterfall.  I want one!
 Loved this rose

 In the butterfly house.  You had to go through a caterpillar to get inside!

Turtles sunning on a raft outside of a waterfall. 

So beautiful!
The next weekend I ran up to visit my dear friend Lynette in Ramstein, but we forgot to get a picture. We hung out, went to an antique dealer, ran around Ramstein and took a long, leisurely lunch.  It was a nice day!  Emma is going to room with her daughter next semester at college!  I am so thankful for friends who know what I need!  Rob needed some time to himself too, so he went to the Frühlingsfest and met up with some friends from work.  Unfortunately, those friends from work also met up with all their gay friends who proceeded to enjoy Rob!  One even messaged him the next day to tell him how much, even though after being groped multiple times Rob told him that he was definitely, 100% not interested!  I think I definitely had the better time away!  In the end it helped us not be upset with each other anymore.  It had been a long, hard week with Rob being impatient and me pouting hard.  I had been planning to take a trip to Budapest for over a year during Springbreak, so I was pretty upset about it! Rob was not happy about all the play stationing and nothing else getting done over the week while he went to work every day.  Glad that week is over!  


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