Monday, April 25, 2016

The Samuel Trifecta

Sam had a very busy week, the same week as his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  On Thursday he got inducted into the National Honors Society.
This is an awesome group of boys!

On Saturday he ran his first High School track meet. He did great, getting second in 3 events and fifth in one.  He took second in the 110m hurdles,

300m hurdles

and the 4x400m. 

He got 5th in high jump. 

Considering the kid is only 5'7" this is all amazing!  
He is the only one on the team that runs the 110 hurdles, because no one else is comfortable clearing them.  He gets way to high on them and has to work on going over instead of up.  He is a jumper!  He didn't qualify in any of his events for Europeans, but he was less than a second off in all the running ones for qualifying.  And in one meet he earned his varsity letter.  That's a sweeping of 3 different varsity letters in one year!
And finally to round out the trifecta, his dad taught him to shave.  

He just had those little wisps on the sides of his mouth, but Rob said, "I'm only teaching you how to do this once, son." So Rob gave him a brand new razor and had him shave everything.  These men of mine are pretty handsome!