Monday, April 25, 2016


Max is my last child and the last one to do so many things that children do.  I really do like the stage the kids are in now.   I enjoy them more than ever, but I am glad that I have one left that still colors eggs and loves when I make mustaches with my leftover chocolate coating, 

and still wants green pancakes  and green milk for St. Patrick's day.  And is willing to make a Leprechaun trap to make it happen.

They are so much more fun when they are excited about all the little traditions!  Max is pretty excited and full of life.
I had to work the day Max had his living museum, but luckily my work is at the school, so I just closed the nurses office briefly and ran up to get a picture of him and watch him perform.  

He got lots of people, because he came up with, all on his own, this spinner that if they got the tiny sliver of pie that said they won, he gave them a candy (leftover Halloween candy- but nobody cared about that. They just wanted the candy!) They could only spin to see if they got candy after they heard his speech, however.  It was a great trick!  He was Clark of Louis and Clark.  We used some old cowboy clothes and made them look more colonial, including sewing the brim up on three sides to make a tri-corner hat.
Max loves sports.  Every day he comes home and tells me about somebody in professional sports and what they have done.  I mostly tune that out.  I must work better at really listening to him, because he is super excited about it all.  He is currently playing soccer with big kids.  His birthday is on the last weekend of the season, so he had to be moved up to the 11-12 year olds.  Some of these kids are turning 13 soon!  There is a big difference in the way a 10 almost 11 year old moves and a 12 almost 13 year old moves!  He is doing well, though.  He is great at defense and pretty darn good as a goalie.  This team came with a goalie, complete with uniform and gloves, so he doesn't get to play that often, but it wouldn't matter anyway.  He wouldn't get much experience.  His team is full of select players that use the regular league as their practice.  The first game of the season they won 9-0.  Some of the defenders made goals and the goalie almost made one!  The first game of the season was also in the 40's with rain, so that's why there aren't any pictures.  Next week, maybe!