Friday, April 15, 2016


I have to admit, Easter was almost forgotten- what with my parents visiting and Sam's busy week ahead.  I remembered in time, though and we eeked in a few traditions- all which seem to be close to the end.  Samuel didn't participate at all in the egg coloring and Joseph did his two and quickly went back to his games.  Only Max stayed and colored eggs until they were all done.

There were only 12, so it didn't take long.  The next morning they quickly looked at their baskets before heading out the door to church.  I was sure we would get plenty of Easter at church.  Nope.  Sometime church just plugs on ahead with their schedule despite the holidays.  I really hate that.  Some years I wonder how a visitor would take our talks on Easter and Christmas.  I think mostly they would think we weren't Christian!  I can't even remember what the talks were about- Priesthood, Family history, the reason for the Book of Mormon- something like that.  Next year I have to not get so distracted and make sure we have a little more Christ in our celebrations, because I can't always rely on other people to make sure it happens for me!  We did at least have our traditional meal of ham (what is ham on Easter all about?) and the strawberry cake with lemon icing that I came up with years ago.  Yummy!
And on my new Italian pottery too!

Next year- we'll do better! Fingers crossed!