Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good things...

All those times I haven't been blogging, there has been tons of good things happening.

1. Emma got chosen for all county choir and performed over at Stonewall Jackson High School. She loved it and they did a great job. My favorite is the Swinging on a Tree song that they sing in Bells of St. Mary's. It's such a fun song and they had fun actions that they did with it.

2. Sam's art work got chosen to go to the County Art Fair again this year.

3. We got a brand new washer with all kinds of bells and whistles. I love it, but I feel sad for the dryer that has to sit next to that washer now without it's 15 year old friend sitting next to it. I am sure that it will join her soon in that big dump in the sky. I feel so bad that I didn't take a picture of her before she got hauled away, though. 15 years of hard work, without so much as a goodbye!
4. We had a wonderful spring break with Spring cleaning and a trip to the Zoo.
5. We started a new tradition that I found on Executive Homemaker. We went around and put out eggs all over friend's front stoops and stairs and flower beds and then put up this sign. We had so much fun trying to sneak away. In the end we got caught way too many times and the others figured it out by our not so sneaky children's comments the next day! One of them even Egged us back and another brought us cookies in the shape of eggs. Her husband told her that their home was egged and she was getting so upset- how vicious people were! Then he explained that it was a "mormon egging" and showed her the plastic eggs with candy in them!
6. We went to the Battle of Fredricksburg and had a wonderful walk.
7. We swabbed some more shopping carts for Emma's Science Fair project. This time we did it like the hospital lab told us and they actually grew this time! Hopefully we will go in and see what they grew today!
8. I passed my Pediatric Advanced Life Support class without any problem!
9. We found a house to rent down in the Outer Banks, North Carolina for a week in the summer! I have been wanting to do this for awhile!
10. We got involved in bracketology (sp?) at ESPN and now March Madness is a little more fun. Just a little, though. Basketball has never been that interesting to me, even though I lettered in it in High school. That's just because my boyfriend at the time thought I should try it out and the coach was nice enough to get me out on the court just enough time to get me the letter! Rob is second, but I am tied for last place! Rob picked a bunch of the upsets! I didn't know anything about any of the teams, so I just picked by what looked good. I am a girl after all!


Natalie C. said...

Oh- my kids are going to be so up a creek with the science projects when they get older. That sounds like a very interesting project! I loved hearing all these good things. :) CONGRATULATIONS for passing your class & being done with the stress.