Monday, May 12, 2008

A little Family Vacation

We took some time off in the middle of the week and went down to Williamsburg, to the Great Wolf Lodge. It is one of the biggest indoor waterparks. We couldn't convince anyone to go down with us, but we had a blast. There was a big tree house, with the big bucket that dumps every so oftenand two water slides on that. There were also 3 baby water slides and a baby play area. An area with basketballs and floating toys. There were 2 big people slides, and a family raft ride and a lazy river and a wave pool. Our two favorites were the surfing- on a man-made wave and the Tornado- which was a 48' and over waterslide. Sam finally meets the 48' requirement! Yeah! The tornado had a cloverleaf tube that four people can get on. It swoops you down and then there is a big drop that ends in a funnel where you swoop up each side as you go down. It was very fun! Wednesday and most of the Thursday were perfect. We did the rides, back to back and got to surf quite a bit. By Thursday night, the weekend crowd had arrived and we had to wait in line to go down the fun rides, so ended up just leaving then. Who wants to wait in line after they have not had to for a whole day!

The surfing got x-rated at times. They should put a sign up that says one piece swimming suits only. Emma and I were smart enough to cover our top halves with a shirt, but my bottoms did get pulled half way off once. It just so happened right after we had been laughing about a lady that had both her bottoms and her top ripped off of her. So I guess what goes around, comes around! Carma was out to get me.