Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Shoot

We have a lady in our neighborhood that is going to start up a photography business. She sent out a note saying that she would love it if people wanted to volunteer themselves and families to be photographed to help build her portfolio and that she would give them a CD with the pictures on it for free. Uh, that's a No-brainer! I signed us right up. And Rob actually went without any kicking and screaming! I was very impressed. He said it was for Mother's Day. I had to buy him a whole new outfit, though. My DH does not like spending money on clothing! I also bought a new shirt for me, because I had nothing that I liked in blue and of course we all had to match. I ended up with a really cute shirt, but it was empire waist lined and since my body had decided to pack on 5 pounds of water weight that week (thankfully it is all gone, now!) I look pregnant in some of the shots. I am not! Just if anyone is wondering.In fact this is one of her favorite shots. I don't like it at all, because of the afore mentioned water log issue. I absolutely love this one, but it's not something you can hang on the wall for a family photo.I am thinking of finding a quote to go with it and blowing it up to poster size. Won't it look so cute on the wall? Here are a few of my other favorites.

You would think everything, except the weight gain was perfect, well you would be wrong. The baby had to be dragged from a nap that went over time and he was cranky. He didn't smile in most of the pictures. We didn't have time to eat before we left and weren't done until 8:15 pm and this little guyripped into my hair cutting box in the morning and got a hold of the scissors and proceeded to chop is hair off. I was beside myself, but decide that the rest of the hair hid it and so it was better to just leave it that way. How do kids always know when it is the worst time ever for them to do something like that?


Anonymous said...

The waist and below shot is my favorite. I would have it on my wall as a family photo! Keck

kristi said...

hey the photos look great.
i am looking for a local to do our family photos at the lincoln memorial this christmas i would love her name!

Alisa said...

I love those photos! I think you could do the one of everyones legs- It captures something that you don't get to see all the time!

Natalie C. said...

Debby, forward me her name if you get a chance. We would love to be photographed this fall outdoors somewhere! :)

Anonymous said...

why can't your favorite be on the wall? it's great and it's your family so it fits the bill perfectly for a family photo to display.