Sunday, June 1, 2008

3 year old Birthday's are the Funnest!

Memorial Weekend was a lot of picnicing. It was very fun. I love this time of year when it is still a little cool and the evenings are still warm enough to enjoy outside. We went to our outdoor pool which opened on that Saturday. It was "Idaho cold" Emma informed us. Mom was smart and didn't even get into a swimming suit. After a 7 mile run on Memorial day we went to the pool again and got into the "Idaho cold" water. It had warmed up just enough for me to try and take a dip. I only stayed in for about 5 minutes each time I got in, though.
The rest of this week has been crazy. I finally finished Max's invitations for his party on Wednesday. The party was on Saturday. I didn't even deliver some of them, I just told people at the ward BBQ that very day. I am suprised we had anyone show up! Saturday we had to run (shortened version, because of all that was going on), 2 soccer games (uh, actually only one, because Mom read the schedule wrong and we missed Emma's game- oops!), the ward BBQ, and Max's birthday party. We had it at a park and had homemade ice cream, a big cookie and soda. We also did the traditional pinata. It was so fun to see all the little guys trying to swing at the pinata. This one came straight for me- aaaaahh! Another one hit it once and then dropped the bat. One swung the bat all the way back behind his head and then all the way to the ground in front of him. Wow, I am so glad no one got hurt! We had water guns and scented bubbles which were a big hit. The grape really did smell grapey!
Max was very good and woohooed and got very excited about all his gifts. I didn't even coach him on this one. I think it is because most people brought him stuff with Lightening McQueen on it- always a crowd pleaser in Max's world. The big kids kept speeding him through the gift giving process and so he didn't get to do much with any of the presents. As soon as we got home, he had to put all his Lightening McQueen clothes on at the same time! One of the presents he was sped through- a car that crashes and breaks and then you fix it with a push of a button, became the fought over toy as we got ready for bed. All the boys loved it. He went to bed with his new flashlight and then ran around all day today with all his other toys.
I didn't come up with any awesomely cute ideas for the party- not enough time this week- but it was still a fun night to just hang out and let the kids play. One of our friends came from a catered graduation party and they said people were all jealous there because they were coming to a 3 year old's birthday party. They said, "those are the most fun parties of all!"