Monday, June 9, 2008

Car Buying Advice

I have fallen in love with the Mini Cooper car. It is crazy, but I really want one. A week ago our car got hit by a less than sober neighbor of ours while he was trying to park his huge SUV. This, of course, happened while Rob was out of town (surprised?) and about 12:45 am. I was about to call the cops, but realized, finally who was franticly ringing and re-ringing my doorbell at that hour. He was very upset to see me and not my husband and questioned his manhood. I had to calm him down and explain that Rob was out of town. The huge ding in my door and the subsequent talks I have had with friends has led me to really think about another car. Jeeps are not the greatest things to own in times like these- Especially 10 year old ones with nasty seats (years of food and milk and other things being spilled onto them), a timing belt that squeals so bad that you can't turn on the air conditioning, heater or defrost for miles (until supposedly it warms up) and now a smashed in door that doesn't open from the outside.

I really want a Mini Cooper, or a convertible Bug, but I have 4 children. Most of my running around is done with one to two of them, but every once in awhile I need to have a vehicle that seats 5 people. We have the truck that seats all of us. We were planning to buy a van next, but I am so mad at the van industry right now that I refuse. Did you know that they have vans out there that get 50 miles to the gallon? Yes, they do and guess who they are made by. Ford. That's right. An American company manufactures vans that get 5o miles to the gallon for other countries, but refuses to bring it to the United States. And why isn't there 1 hybrid van out there? Of all the people who need fuel economy, don't you think the soccer mom is #1! I am completely steamed. Therefore, I think I will stay with my gas guzzling truck to show them a lesson and buy German made!

Our neighbor just got rid of her SUV and bought a car, because of gas prices and she said they didn't get much for it. In fact she said, a lot of places won't even take the SUV's. They don't want them. So I am thinking we could just keep the 10 year old jeep and run around in the mini cooper unless I need the 5 seats. Of course that would mean we own 3 vehicles and 2 motorcylces for the 2 of us that drive. That's slightly excessive- especially if you have seen the parking situation around here- hence the ding in the side of my Jeep.

So what do you think? What car should we get- a Mini Cooper(up to 40 mpg, but only 4 seats), a Convertible Bug (only 30 mpg tops), a hybrid like the Prius (50 mpg, but ugly) or just be happy with what we've got?


Anonymous said...

car advice, there are hybrid vans on the market and made by Ford. They are being advertised on all tv channels. I am looking for good public transportation and save the car for only out of town travel. Why drive when someone else can . Sister Lise is driving people all over Cache valley Utah these days on their FREE public transporation. Mom

The monkey bunch said...

Ford does have an SUV hybrid, but the only hybrid vans in the works that I have heard of are from Honda and Toyota. Both with no date when they would be available.

Anonymous said...

buy CNG- same MPG, much cheaper, much cleaner, and your engine will last forever! I drive an Odyssey (will never buy Ford again- they obnoxiously support the gay agenda)but we are looking for a SUV that is CNG (we have 5 kids).