Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apple Love

One thing I missed while having braces was eating apples whole. So it was one of the first things I tried after getting the braces off. It still sort of hurts, but after I smothered them in caramel and cut them up, I was able to down two of them all on my own. I feel so good about my fruit intake today!
I cooked the rest of the caramel until it was perfect for the first batch of caramels for this holiday season. Crazy, I know. You know what else is crazy- I listened to Christmas music today and yesterday. There is just so much exciting about Christmas this year that I just can't help myself! I couldn't help testing out my caramels either!


Stacey said...

Must be the deployment that triggers something with early Christmas music listening because I did the same thing...except MUCH, MUCH earlier. The first year he was gone I started listening in August...yes, August. The second year he didn't leave till October and it started then. And I don't remember when it started the third year, but I do remember cleaning the house I just moved into (cuz he was almost home) and listening to Christmas music non-stop.