Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abundance of Talents

One of the fun things we have started as a Primary Presidency is an annual Talent show for the children. It is amazing how many talents come out. We had everything from gymnastics, to violin to magic, to poetry, to singing. Some did 2 or 3 talents! It was a very fun day and the kids really seem to love it. This is the only year that I had all 4 of my kids performing. Emma is still technically in primary until the end of the year (she is in limbo!) She did a card trick that I showed her. Samuel showed a cartoon that he had drawn of his favorite made up character- The Incredible Chunk of Fudge. But his friends kept egging him on and so at the end he did a back flip. It was the highest he has ever gotten. He landed perfectly straight, not bent over at all! This is Joseph's talent.

And Max ran/walked backwards. It was very cute! I hope the next presidency will honor the tradition and keep this up! What fun for the kids and the parents!


Anonymous said...

every kids needs a turn in the spotlight. How many children does your primary have? Our 100 primary children would be too many for one talent show. Our primary had a talent show too but had tryouts and selected about 20 to preform probably not the best ego builder to those not chosen.

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

Go Joe! We miss our family this week and that of course includes you guys. So seeing Joe's terrific skills just brightened up my day!