Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hollywood Studios

Monday was our first day at the parks. We had planned it all out so that we didn't go to any of them on the extra magic hours- when all the people that actually pay horribly high prices to stay on Disney property get those extra hours to enjoy one park a day. Monday's is always Magic Kingdom, so we avoided that and headed for Hollywood studios. We loved the Toy Story ride! In fact Santa went out of his way to find that same game on Wii just for us!This is one of the "army men" that ran around by the Toy Story ride! They looked great! They told our boys, "Good regulation hair cuts, boys!"
We also got to see the Osborn family light show. No, not Ozzy Osborn! I actually thought that at first, too. Remember a few years back when that video was going around the internet with those people who had coordinated their lights on their house with music? Disney asked them to help them set one up for them. There were supposedly 28 hidden Mickeys. We found 4. The others wouldn't let me stay long, but it was beautiful!

Rob actually convinced me to go on the Tower of Terror. I hate the Drop Zone kind of rides. I have done them before, but I'm not a fan, so I had determined not to go on the Tower of Terror. I am glad he got me on it, though. It was a lot of fun. The other great thing about Disney is almost everyone can ride everything. Joseph went with us. He just kept saying, "it was OK." Finally, I asked him if he wanted to ride it again and he said, "No!" I guess we found out his true feelings in the end.
At the end of the day we went and saw their fire and light show called Fantastmic. It was wonderful!
We ended the day running to our car and trying to jump up and kick flags with our feet. I could do it, no one else could! And trying to kick two people at once. Emma has some definite flexibility issues! I loved that we waited long enough to go until the kids were just fun to be with! We saw so many others with toddlers who were just exhausted and cranky, but our family was feeling the Magic the whole day and enjoying each other all along the way!


Anonymous said...

grandma would have been tired and cross at the end of that day. Its a good thing you didn't take her. Very brave to do the Terror ride. Mom