Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden of Eden Baby Shower

My friend Anna asked me a little while ago if I would help her throw a shower for one of our friends, Catherine, who is having a baby girl soon. I said, "yes" and immediately came up with a plan. They had decided to name the baby girl Eden and since my house had nothing in it, I thought it would be a great idea to turn it into a garden of Eden. I made up the invitations that said, "Welcome to Eden." Then we borrowed all kinds of stuff to make our garden. Did you realize that no one does plants in their home anymore. I couldn't find plants to save my life. So instead we met a friend at the church and "borrowed" the trees from the foyers. When we were driving away, Max say, "Mom, we were Ninjas! We took the trees and no one saw us. You and me were good Ninjas!"
This is how our garden looked, complete with green blanket grass and brown cushioned logs and black and brown rocks to sit upon.
We made butterflies out of chocolate. Here is the beginning and here is the finished product on top of the cupcakes. I dipped some strawberries and made lemon bars and we had veggies and dip and apples and dip and punch. Another friend made cake pops and we put them in a green Styrofoam cone and put them in a flower pot. I think it turned out really cute.
A friend helped me punch out a bunch of butterflies out of different paper and color and emboss some of them. Then I hung them all over the house.We made a "Tree of Knowledge of Good and not so Good." This is where we hung our apples that made up our game- The Mommies Minute to Win it Challenge. We did all kinds of challenges from making 4 pb&j sandwiches, to opening a box of diapers and wipes with gloves on, to eating a jar a baby food, to rolling an egg from one end of the room to the next with their nose while crawling, to unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper. We also had color coding candy land pieces, alphabetizing baby books, and putting together 4 puzzles- all done in 1 minute or less. It was great fun.
I think everyone had a great time. And now I have some decorations for my home. Of course the Ninjas will have to strike again and take the trees back to the church, but at least I still have the butterflies and the flowers and vines!


Holly said...

How fun! and what beautiful decorations!! I haven't been to a shower with games in a long time, looks like a great time!

lelly said...

so very cute!!

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

That shower looks fabulous! How fun!!