Friday, October 1, 2010

Things that are Making Me Smile Right Now!

I finally have flowers hanging on my pegs again. I had to buy them myself, but that's fine. They are beautiful either way!
I finally came up with something that works for my mantel piece without buying anything new. Not that I don't want to buy something new, but it's nice to be able to use the stuff you have and make it look decent! Proof that Emma actually plays volleyball for her Middle school team! I got my camera working, but kept missing any action shots, because I wanted to watch the game. Emma played 2 out of the three games, the whole time. He even let her serve and play all the positions. She got a couple really good hits and a couple good serves!

I saw this stack of soccer shoes in our garage the other day and it made me smile! We should open up a second hand soccer store! You should see how many soccer balls we have!
Beautiful fall leaves! I am not so excited about the crisp Autumn air, but I do love the changing leaves!
I learned to miter on my own! Yeah me! I made this pattern up on my own. It took me about 10 sheets of paper to get the dimensions right. Then I went and ruined it by accidentally not measuring the top and bottoms the right size, which changed the dimensions of the other stuff. I couldn't make them fit right, so I added this triangular piece. It took forever and a day, graph paper and a Google search to finally come up with something that would work, but it did! I am so excited!! Double Yeah Me!

I got Becky Higgins' Project Life kit in my mail the other day! They were on sale for $10 off, because she is coming up with a new kit for Christmas time. I love the idea of just throwing pictures in pockets and having most of the design done for me, but still having the option of creativity! Maybe, just maybe the kids' pictures will get in an album now!
My pretty pumpkins from Micheal's in an apothecary jar. The little reddish thing on the counter is a seed pod that Sam found me. I wish he would find me tons of them and then I would break out another apothecary jar! Having fun listening to Sandra Boyton's Dog train and Philadelphia Chickens with Max! They are such fun songs! Thanks Mom for introducing them to us!
I got this new book from the library. I have had photoshop Elements 6 for quite a while, but still haven't figured it out. I have gotten books before at the library, but they haven't helped as much as this one has! I have only finished the first chapter (problems with motherhood, right!) but I have already learned a lot! I am excited to get into it some more!
And finally the thing that is making me smile right now, is that it's Cookie Day again!! Happy Cookie Day to you!


Anonymous said...

those chicken are great!
How often is cookie day? Mom

Searls Stuff said...

The apothecary jar is super cute! I have a Michael's close by, so I may have to copy your idea.