Monday, January 3, 2011

A Keeper

I had to include these little stories, just because they are "keepers."
One day before Christmas the kids' bus driver called to say that he played Santa and would Joseph and Samuel like to talk with him. I said sure and gave the phone to them. They talked with him and then hung the phone up. Max came blazing around the corner and yelled, "hey, what about me!" Darn, I knew I should have mentioned him and asked for him to speak to him as well! Trying to do a quick smooth over, I started to say that Santa was very busy and so I talked with him real quick at the beginning to confirm what Max wanted. Then Dad jumps in and says, "yeah, we told him you wanted a hippopotamus- that's right, isn't it?" Oh, the horror! The broken dreams! It was too much for our little guy! Now all he was getting for Christmas was a hippopotamus!! He ran away crying. It was so sad, yet so cute! Don't worry dear reader, we did not let the illusion go on for more than a second. We promised him that we really told him that he wanted books and Legos and a bumble bee mask (transformers). Dad did tease him a little after that, though, just to make sure he didn't really want a hippopotamus- because really doesn't every kid "want a hippopotamus for Christmas to play with and enjoy!"
The last Sunday I had my 14-15 year old Sunday school class before they moved up to the next class, we had a party. I brought tons of treats. One young man looked at all the treats and said, "you do know there are only 6 of us, right?" Then we had a closing prayer before we ate them. The young man that gave the prayer blessed the food that it would not make them sick. After saying Amen, I turned to him and said, "thank you, that was perfect!" Really, you couldn't bless all those fattening sugary treats any better than that. Although, I would really like to bless it to pass right on through without stopping at my thighs on the way out, but I think maybe God just wouldn't do that!


Anonymous said...

Poor Max he is still too young to understand his dad's dry humor. I am still to young sometimes. Emma seems to have figure out when its a joke and when its for real. but really Max you would have been the only grandchild to ever have a hippo. grandma Keck