Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Spelunkin' New Year

For New Year's we decided to head down south to Kentucky and visit our Friends at Ft. Knox. This is the only picture we could get of the Bullion depository- because generally they frown on anyone taking pictures or thinking they can take a tour!
We did however enjoy ourselves with lots of food, a game of Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Football and family style Soccer. It was a really fun day and wore both Joseph's out so that they couldn't make it to the New Year!The next day we headed to one of the many caves in the area and spelunked! Does one spelunk? Well, we went spelunking any way. (I had some pictures of this, but they seem to have disappeared on both my computer and my phone! Hopefully the Dean's will e-mail a copy of theirs to us and then I can insert them later.)
The start of the cave was like mailing yourself in a mail-slot- you had to get nice and flat. It opened up into a nice cavern with a waterfall that Joseph accidentally stood underneath. It then got tighter and tighter and then opened up again and then went tighter and tighter again until you squeezed yourself through a small hole near the top of the cave- ladder and rope included. At the end there was nice size cavern with some stalactites and stalagmites that looked like a crocodile mouth and a dog. Going back through the small hole was one of the scariest parts (besides mailing yourself into the cave!) You had to go backwards and hang over the edge and really commit to going before you found the ladder! 4 of our 9 flashlights went out during our trip with 17 people. It got a little dark!
In the end, one of our best New Year's experiences ever! We love the Dean's! Thank you so much for having us!!


Searls Stuff said...

Oh my! I can't imagine squeezing into a cave and venturing forth without a park ranger to follow! You have a brave and adventurous family.

Anonymous said...

i do not want the pictures. The description is enough to give me nightmares.