Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days

The school is being very careful about their snow days. They only gave us 3 this year and we now have none left. The one day that it was snowing like crazy, they went to school and just came home an hour early. Sam said the bus slipped a couple of times. When Emma got home, Joseph said, "here's Emma. She made it home safe!" Next year they are taking all their snow days away. I don't understand it. I would assume that somehow it will save them money. So here we are in the middle of January- every one knows that February is the worst- with no snow days left. I know some schools have already had to make some of their days up- going to school on Martin Luther King Jr. day. What an uproar that caused! I think the media forgot to add that most of those schools are also going on Presidents day (mostly because that would make the news not so "dramatic!")
Anywho... We did have fun sledding at the golf course the one day in January that we got off- at least the kids did. By the time I got all my stuff on and walked over there, they were freezing and ready to come home- especially Max who was being a big baby and getting a sled dog out of their friend Joey.Bummer!