Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reflections on our Birthday

Tuesday when I got home from shopping, Max asked me if I liked pretzels and chocolate. I said, "yes" and then he said that he was going to make me some for my birthday. Sam was over there running around shushing him. I figured out that Sam must have done something like this already and that's how Max came up with the idea. I went along trying to put the groceries away and doing my thing until Rob came in and saw the Max had climbed on the counter and gotten down the pretzels and the butterscotch chips, then he decided to help Max out. They worked together to make me some beautiful chocolate covered pretzels and then put them in Max's room to be presented to me in the morning. In the end I got 2 sets of chocolate covered pretzels- Max had taken the idea completely from Sam. Sam even made a set for Emma. He stole into her room and put them by her bed so that she would wake up with them next to her. He really is a sweet boy.

Robert took me out on Monday for my birthday. We went and did a little shopping and then headed to a movie after a quick stop at Chipotle (because their fabulous!) It was a nice relaxing date.

Friday was Emma's Shop 'til you Drop party. I made a purse cake and finally got my birthday banner fixed! Yeah!! I love my birthday banner!She has invited 3 church friends and 3 school friends over. I took them to the mall and had them play a scavenger hunt. They had to find things like a clown, someone wearing a feather boa, the ugliest dress they had ever seen, a panda, polka dots, a pink mannequin, a deer, etc. and they had an hour to do it in. When they got back I gave them all $5 gift cards to Claire's and we headed over there. While we were there one of the girls got her ears pierced for the first time. Don't worry the mother actually followed us there so that she could be with her when she got it done.

It would have been a really fun party except that in the mall the girls started realizing how different they were. Two of the girls wanted to keep shopping and bought some kind of coffee creation. They also went right into Spencers- a store, I even stay out of. The other girls stayed out of it, except Emma who went in to get them out. Then when we got home and turned on the PG movie, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" each of the three swear words in the movie made the church girls squirm. By then the other two (one of the three school girls was a good catholic girl and was a little closer to our church girls) were really making fun of the other girls until they all decided to go home. Emma was super mad! She couldn't believe I had allowed her to invite one of the girls (who was the worst,) since I told her that I knew exactly what she was going to be like just from her telling me about their every day interactions. I explained that if I had told her "no" to inviting her, she would have just thought I was judging the girl unfairly and being mean. Now she knew exactly what she was like for real and so she could be nice to her, just not go to any of her parties! (which for sure would involve "hot guys", sneaking out the house, and alcohol!) I realized once again how odd we Mormons are. Our children aren't allowed to date until they are 16, we don't watch R rated movies, we don't drink alcohol or coffee or tea or smoke or do drugs (not even as an experiment). We go to church every week and read scriptures at night and do family activities. We dress modestly even at the swimming pool. We really are just weird compared to the rest of the world, but how glad I am to be so weird and know that my children will be protected because of it.
I didn't always have the luxury of church friends. Especially in my last two years of high school there was me, one girl that was older than me (we never really became friends), and a guy my age, which I dated. Then there were my siblings and a couple other kids that were a few years younger than us in our church. So my friends were all non-Mormons. I went to some pretty bad parties. At one of them it was a friend's birthday party and someone had given her a bottle of tequila. She said she was going to drink half of it before she stopped. I didn't really know much about alcohol poisoning at the time, but I still had the feeling that it would be really bad for her to do that, so while I helped her around and kept her from jumping in the lake, I slowly poured out the bottle on the ground. I think in the end she still got about a quarter of it in her, though. There is such a peace of mind that comes from knowing that my daughter won't be out around a bonfire and a lake trying to down a half a bottle of tequila on her birthday!! Once again I am thankful that we are odd!


Anonymous said...

I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TEEN-AGE PARTIES NOW. Aren't you glad there was a Tim to date Or you would have been dateless or maybe not. Mom

Searls Stuff said...

Based on what I see in your blog entries, I would say you are doing a great job with your kids. Living in the world and not being of the world is a great lesson to learn early on.