Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poster Child

Rob's boards are meeting in February, so he has been desperately trying to get his files ready. Being at an Air Force base has made this a little harder than usual. First of all, he had to get new shoulder boards. He told me he was going to go to clothing sales to see if they had any. Yeah, right Rob, they are going to have a plethora of Army boards- for sure with your branch and rank- on an Air Force base. He said, he just had to try. He was back home soon afterward. Needless to say, we had to wait until January. We had New Year's in Ft. Knox with a friend and he was able to pick up his shoulder boards there. When he went in they took the photo and then made him one to keep, calling it his "Angel" profile. A week later, the photo still wasn't on his electronic file. He called and the gentleman said that it kept being sent back to him with error messages. Rob had to figure it out for himself. In short they had the wrong background- it was the darker blue instead of the lighter blue. The guy tried to cut Rob out and put him on the lighter blue background, but this looked too obviously photoshoped. Photoshoping is not allowed. So Rob had to go back and take another day to get another photo. This actually was a good thing, because they found several other problems with his photo- the main one being that they had made him a Military Intelligence officer. Hmmm- sorry buddy- not even close! After they finally looked up all the regulations and got his photo perfect they made a blank template with Rob's photo on it for future weirdo Army officers that want to come to an Air Force base to get their board photo done. I always knew that one day Rob would become the Poster Child for something!


Searls Stuff said...

I think I may have missed something. Why is Rob at an Air Force base? You guys must feel like fish out of water!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rob does look like the poster child for Army officers ready to make rank. Looking good soldier.MIL