Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emma goes to Prom

Ok, it was Mormon Prom

and there was no date- despite this picture!

 We took a non-Mormon and a contraband 13 year old- she turned 14 the next day. (She is actually the tallest one in this picture!)

I stayed for awhile, because there weren't many people to start out with and they said, "Don't leave us, here!"

After an hour, when Emma

was dancing a slow dance with her crush, I figured it was good to leave.  In the end, they all had tons of fun.  The non-mormon's mom said she would take conversion lessons if we got her daughter to dance.  Emma just told Mary that it was a rule,  if a guy asked you to dance you weren't allowed to say "no."  So, she danced!  Guess we have to contact the missionaries now!


Anonymous said...

looks fun. It is wonderful that she includes the non-mormon girl in the group. Wish I could see more of that here. Our one non-mormon neighbor has developed a very thick skin from her social inter-action. Now I want to see a picture of this crush.