Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And then there was a Date

Oh, it was all planned before the sweet 16 birthday party! 

 She actually had two other guys who talked about taking her out, as well, but something got in the way for both of them.  One is in show choir and they are busy, busy right now and the other one's double date fell through.  I am sure she will have plenty of opportunities, though!
Rob just missed the send off and I was at work, but Joseph got out the machete and wielded it in front of the young man, just for good measure.
They headed to a mall and did a scavenger hunt with the other couple they were double dating with.

Emma and her date, Payton, won.

The other guy said, "100 points for the first couple back to the house."  They decided to let the loosing team have those points, so they climbed a big pile of snow and rolled down it a couple times.  Then they leisurely made their way back to Sam's house.  Amazingly enough, Sam and Karissa still hadn't made it back.  They had forgotten where they had put the car!  Ha ha!  They finally realized they had walked out the wrong side of the mall to get to it and made their way home.  Then they all made pizza 

and cupcakes and played Compatibility, which Emma and Payton also won.  Poor Sam and Karissa.  Sam's mom came visiting teaching the other day and told me that Sam was not used to loosing, so that was a hard date for him.  Guess he better go with Emma next time!


Anonymous said...

I remember Payton. Very good first date, so fun to have a guy friend who is so cool.