Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet 16 and never been kissed!
  It was true and ;therefore, this little princess got a cash reward from her Daddy!  She had to give some of it back for damaging the bumper of our car, but Rob said he would hold it for her until she can make it to 16 1/2 without being kissed.  Her and Sam were talking about how long they could go, getting money every 6 months, but we told them that eventually they had to kiss around a little- to weed out the bad kissers!
She also got her (traditional) first real piece of jewelry- we got her one of those bead bracelets with a few beads on it-  a couple with garnets for January, a soccer ball, a pearl for her 16th birthday, a princess bead and a couple pretty blue ones.  Grandma and Grandpa Keck also got her a treasure box that actually opens and has "jewels" inside.  All the girls were excited about that one!
We set up a Candy bar

and a photo booth.

Sam and Max did some photo bombing! 

The girls danced

and played 

and did ice cream cake

and presents,

then we got out the glow necklaces, 

Emma's crown and sash

and went cosmic bowling on base.  There was almost no one there when we arrived, but about 1/2 hour into it a youth group showed up and took the rest of the lanes.  We did M&M bowling on one lane and regular bowling on the other.  I found the M&M bowling on the Dating Diva's website.  You have to bowl a certain way, depending on what color of M&M you blindly pick.  There was granny style, 

bowl with the opposite hand,

your date gets to bowl for you, backwards

and roll it with your foot.

Besides the lights, they were playing fun songs, so the girls dances at the bowling alley too. 

It was a really fun night. 
Emma has been asked out for this coming Saturday and talked to about going out with two other guys- one that turns 16, today.  He gave her a snowflake necklace on her birthday, so we had to run and get him something for his birthday as well.  Craziness may in sue- but we are hoping that she keeps her head on her shoulders as well as she has done thus far!
Happy Sweet 16, Princess!  


Anonymous said...

love you #1 grandchild. love the fund party mom planned. great to see the brother's enjoying it too especially Sam without glasses. Personally , I think the glasses were super cute.