Monday, January 14, 2013

So Far in 2013

So far...
We had a wonderful New Year's Celebration with friends who invited us just a day or two before New Year's to come to their house and celebrate.  We were so glad we got the invite, because we were super lazy this year and didn't want to do anything ourselves!  We had lots of fun playing games, playing ping pong,



and making merry.

A day or two into 2013, we went with the same friends to the ski hill and went tubing.  They had this wonderful conveyer belt,

so that you didn't even have to do the work of getting up the hill, before you went swooshing down it again.  We kept trying to write our names in the snow on the side of the belt as it carried us along.  If you wrote it on the left, you could usually get it- although Deborah is really hard to get all done!

If you tried it on the right, you had to do one or two letters per ride or have the people in back of you write the next couple letters.

They had 5 different hills- 4 and 5 being the most fun runs!  They allowed up to 3 tubes in a train on all the hills,

but on 2 and 4 they were letting unlimited amounts.  We saw trains of more than 20 tubes!
When we first got there, they were making new snow and shooting it right into your face.  The temperature was only in the 20's to begin with.  It was so cold, I thought we were never going to fully enjoy this!  The spray from the snow as you barreled down the run, stung so badly that you had to close your eyes and sometimes cover your face with your hands.

We took a break around their outdoor firepit around 1030-1100 and then decided to go in for lunch.  After lunch, the sun had come out and we had a blast!!

We were the very last group off the mountain.  Some of the workers climbed on our tube train and came down with us- we caught some great air!
And in other fun happenings... I cut the tip of my thumb off.  I super glued and steri stripped it back on and it is healing nicely now. 

I can't feel anything with it, but otherwise, not bad.  It's amazing to watch the body knit itself back together!  
We are in the midst of physicals and other preparations for our move now, birthdays and working with the new church curriculum-  all items for another post.  Oh and then there is the new bow purchase- hmmm- not sure I want to really get into that one.


Anonymous said...

bow as in bow and arrow? high powered hunting or pretty for girl's hair. the snow is great in my back yard too and the advantage is that you can come inside for hot chocolate any time you feel cold.