Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poor Sam

Poor Sam- it seems like everything major happens to him.  Yesterday he had eye surgery.  He really didn't want it and I was kind of against it.  I have taken a firm stance against surgery unless absolutely necessary.  But in the end, I was swayed.  That left Sam with no choice, so he asked Rob for a blessing.  He is such a strong, good boy!  He is the deacon's president right now, but I have no doubt in my mind that he will be called to many more leadership positions.  
Monday, Rob gave him a blessing that he would heal and continue strong and active.
Tuesday we went in to the hospital and after talking to the nurse and nurse practitioner they decided along with the anesthesiologist to put Sam out with some Versed and some gas before they put in his IV.  The anesthesiologist took a look at the report the cardiologist sent and said, "24 seconds without a heart beat, that's a really long time!"  Yes, thank you!  I don't know if the the cardiologist was trying to comfort me or he just really thought it was no big deal, but I personally think 24 seconds without your heart beating is a big thing!!  Anyway, they didn't want to repeat that episode.  The nurse had put lidocaine patches on his hands and she said to not worry, that she had been a nurse for 12 years, so I wasn't as worried.  Really knowing that they were putting him under without an IV in place was just as nerve racking for me.  Sometimes it's not a good thing to know too much!
Everything went fine, though and he is now sleeping.

I went to Young Women's last night after we got him home.   By the time I got home he was really pale and I could tell something was wrong.  I asked him if he wanted some tylenol.  "Will that help take the pain away, "  He said.  Poor guy!  We had a talk about how he was suppose to tell me that he needed some medicine before he let the pain get so that he couldn't stand it anymore or the medicine wouldn't work as well.  He is too tough for his own good at times.