Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hail to the English

My youngest was playing with some toy pirates and a toy chest the other day.I listened in and heard this: "Ah-ha" This was the pirate finding the chest. Then the pirate opens the chest and says, "yeah, Chocolate, yum, yum,yum!" with his head diving into the chest and his body swinging around and around as he gobbles it all up! I am so glad I am teaching my children what is really important in life- Good Chocolate. My favorite is Cadbury! The English don't have much to brag about when it comes to food- I've been there, I know! But man they hit it on the head with Cadbury. I have lived in Europe most of my life and tried all kinds of yummy chocolate- Swiss, German, etc. but nothing is better than Cadbury. So here's to England- may you always swim in a sea of yumminess!


Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to say, you're not wrong on the Cadbury. I will also accept most European chocolate, much American chocolate, and even Canadian in a pinch. I can't get behind Mexican chocolate, though. Not chocolate enough for me.

I have to smile at the "treasure" being chocolate; teach 'em young, I say!

Midge said...

Amen, I dated a british guy once and he would bring home a suitcase full of chocolate when he went home to visit. He was pretty stingy with it but It was one of the highlights of dating him.

Holly said...

Thanks for posting on my blog - glad to meat you! My #4 loves backyardigans - the new Tales of the Knights or something is our current fav - cadbury is very smooth - good choice!

I'm with you on the dabbler stuff - I love crafting - so many things to do and learn to be good at just one!!!

mom said...

that's my girl. We learned you good in your youth. A Ritter Sport will do in a pitch and for childhood fun nothing equals a kidder egg. Look at the new pictures at snapfish sometime. Gretchen's senior project is there.