Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tag

I was tagged by the grand Gretchen to come up with 5 Christmas things. Here they are:

5 Favorite Christmas Movies:
1. While you were Sleeping (I maintain it is a Christmas movie just like Die Hard!)
2. White Christmas
3. The Grinch
4. The Christmas Story
5. National Lampoon's Christmas

5 Things that happened yesterday
1. got antibiotics for an infected finger (Darn you Wal-mart beauty salon!!)
2. took the kids to do their holiday shopping
3. Ate Cheesecake for my parents 40th anniversary
4. Talked to my brother, briefly
5. Made cookies for Santa claus

5 things to look forward to
1. Robert coming home
2. Christmas eve
3. Robert coming home
4. Christmas day
5. Robert coming home

5 things on your wish list
1. scrapbook stuff (I collect it)
2. Robert to come home
3. smaller hips
4. bigger boobs
5. Peace on earth
(OK, I just couldn't remember any of the gifts I bought for myself- so I had to come up with other wish list items.)

5 things I love most about Christmas/Winter
1. snow on Christmas (not going to happen this year)
2. Hot chocolate
3. Christmas music
4. Trying to find the perfect gift
5. Saying Thank you to everyone and telling them how much they mean to you
And of course the treats!!

5 people I tag
Jamie, Rebecca, Jen L, Brittany, and Jodi


Holly said...

Always fun to read!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Debbie be prove on your hips that means they carried four beautiful babies into this world. Mom