Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ok, I may have confused a few people. Three days from Sunday meant- 3 days left without Robert. He comes home on the 4th day (Thursday), but you can't count that day, because he will be home that day.
He made it to Kuwait. Now just a day to wait until he can board a plane to fly home. I am getting stir crazy and can't seem to occupy myself enough. I cleaned the cupboards in the kitchen- they needed it badly. That took most of the day, but I am still bored and restless. One more day to go with nothing to do, I guess.
Happy New Year's Eve everyone!


12feetoftrouble said...

What? You're kids don't have messy rooms? Maybe they can donate toys they don't play with anymore. Of Course, you're making WELCOME HOME signs. How about a scrapbook of everything he missed. Good Luck, I hope the Air Force gets him home in time. If not, it's not Rick's fault.

Anonymous said...

this is so cute. After all these years the Robert still makes you fell all nervous and excited. IT's it wonderful that the entire family is wanting their daddy home. just remember this feeling the next time you are upset at him. Mom