Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Daze

W e are in full Holiday mode here at our home. We had our second Christmas party on Friday. This one was with Emma's soccer team. We have only been a part of this team for 2 seasons, but most of these girls have been playing together for years. The one requirement was that the girls come in a dress. After the picture they were allowed to change into anything they wanted. The soccer coach just really wanted to see his girls in something other than kick butt gear!
We have shopped, cooked, and decorated. The kids did the Christmas tree this year. I kept it that way for a week and then just had to change it. All the gold ornaments were together in one spot, all the big balls were at the top of the tree, etc.
Poor Max has had a hard season so far. This is his second cold so far and this one came with a fever.
I am also in the middle of Christmas cards. I don't know what I was thinking, making the cards this year. Why can't I just be like normal people and buy them? And to top that all off is the stress of writing The Letter. A Christmas letter should be interesting, informative and a little fun, not too long and not too laden with praise for ones own off-spring. Tricky! But I love letters. Some of these people I never hear from except once a year. Don't just send me a signed copy of your holiday photo! Ok, well if you must, but I much prefer a note saying what you are up to!
I must admit, with all this going on, it is mostly me that is doing it all. I sometimes worry that I don't do enough with my children to help them enjoy this time of the year and think about Christ. This year I am giving myself a pass, but I will be very glad when we have the advent calendar next year. I want to really celebrate with my family and enjoy the whole season!

How do you make this time of year with all the things that you want to get done a family affair and how do you help them all enjoy the real reason for the season? Do you like Christmas letters and cards too?


Thayne6 said...

I always love your cards and letters. It is a real struggle to not let the all the busy stuff get in the way this time of year!

Anonymous said...

it was so much easier in German were the tv ads didn't get the children wanting alot of stuff and the neighbors all had the same px items and the family was just the kids and you and the ward christmas party was the big event. i do like reading the christmas letters even if i don't write them any more. see you all at christmas. is poor max better. Mom

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

I love your Christmas letter. You did a wonderful job balancing information with fun. And you picture you choose is so cute!