Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and winners!

Merry Christmas to everyone.
I hope yours was fantastic.
My parents and youngest brother came. We went to the White house and shopped and bought hot chocolate from Starbucks (had to try it out, once), celebrated a 40th wedding anniversary with yummy Cheesecake, opened lots of gifts (but saved some for when Rob got home), and went to see the temple lights. It was a wonderful time. We did the traditional nativity play. This year Crash Bandicoot played the roll of the baby Jesus. He lay in a blanket on a bed of pom-poms. Emma was Mary and actually fit into a skirt that I had bought for myself, but haven't been able to get into since I had Max- scary. Joseph was obviously Joseph, Max was our sweet little angel, Dad/Grandpa was King Herod, Sam was all three wisemen, and Uncle Timmy was the Shepherd- note all the animals he seems to be taking care of.Traditional Christmas Eve PJ's
Our Secret Santa finished with some fun gifts for us. What a lot of work to do the 12 days of Christmas for a family, but how much fun we had trying to catch them- we never did.
It was a great Christmas, except that we didn't have a Dad. The count down has begun, though. 5 more days and counting!
Some of you didn't get our Christmas letter, but it had a code in it. My aunt Cheryl was the first with what the code said, but didn't give the answer. The code said, "if you haven't got a half penny then what?" My husband informed me that there was a mistake and the g was turned into an N, so that may have confused a few people. Anyway, the Burnham's from Nevada came up with the answer- then God Bless You! I guess I have to give 2 prizes! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

thank you for the Christmas fun and love. The special box Emma made is now on the book shelf and will be used to hold those very wonderful school papers, art projects and love notes from grandchildren send to grandma this year. Love Mom

Rob to Rae, Larry & Tim said...

Rae and Larry,

I am in Kuwait waiting on the air plane and found that I am back in civilization and can connect to the internet. Yea!! I just wanted to write and say “thank you” for traveling and spending your Christmas at our home. It made all the difference in the world. It is still 0453 back home but when Deb wakes up I may get to have a video conference with the family. That will be a fun surprise this morning. Thanks again.

Love, Rob