Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok, finally it is the 1st of December and I can reveal what I have been doing. I made quite a few people curious when I posted this picture.Well, here is the finished result. One person guessed it right. It is an advent calendar. I sent one to my husband in Iraq and the other went to a family member for Christmas. Inside the mittens there are rolls of paper that have activities on them. There are gifts in the package that I sent that had corresponding numbers with certain of the activities. Like one day was "Enjoy the sounds of the season." That day there is a CD made by my daughter Emma and I with our favorite Christmas songs on it. One day it says to "Enjoy the taste of the season" and there is some yummy hot chocolate to go with that.
Some of our other ideas:
Go see the lights at the temple
Do a good deed
Family game night
Do Christmas cards
Make snowflakes
Bake Christmas cookies
Watch a holiday movie
Read a new Christmas book
Decorate Gingerbread houses
Go around the neighborhood looking at the decorations and give a prize to the one your family votes as the best decorated.
#1 in my husband's was "Decorate for Christmas". I sent him a little Christmas tree and all his activity papers are tied with a little ornament to go on the tree. He says he has the most festive cubicle in the area! I love how excited he is to open up number 2 already and see what it says! He said he really wanted to peak at all of them, but restrained himself. Now he has something exciting to look forward to every morning- exactly what I was hoping for!
The kids were really bummed that I didn't make one for us, but getting two completed and off was enough of a challenge for one year. Besides, I expect Rob to bring his home and we will use that next year.


Sarah said...

I have my advent calendar waiting for me to finish. What a wonderful gift to send to your husband.

MaryRC said...

Wow how clever you are! Where do you find the time?? Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

cute and clever. I cAN SEE why rob led it. and you are the party girl fun at the kress's yes love mom

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This is darling! I just love it.

Carol burnham said...

Debbie: Ditto on previous comments on how creative you are.... what a great momma snd wife! We read your christmas letter & Katie rose to the hidden clue challenge. GOD BLESS YOU! . . . too! So when is Rob coming home? Enjoy your family pics. And I'd like to know when you have time for all that you do . . .Do you sleep at all! Good thing that you are young! Have a very merry Christmas! Hugs from the wilds of Nevada! Burnhams