Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Emma's first time camping in winter! Thankfully, I have missed that first. I plan on continuing to miss that one. We sent her with lots of good stuff and everyone said she did well. Her sleeping bag wouldn't zip the whole way, so her back was cold at night, but otherwise she had a good attitude. She will miss girl's camp this year, so this was her time to experience what it's like. Of course at YW camp they will have cabins instead of tents and it will be stinking hot!Emma's First "I can't keep up with you" Growth spurt! The girls had fun displaying all their normal clothing, relaxed clothing and clothing they would never wear at a YW fashion show. Unfortunately, none of these clothes fit Emma just weeks later. She has gone from a size 12 at the beginning of the year, to a 14 at Christmas and now out of the 14's. I wasn't sure what size she should wear next and never really have time to go shopping with her, so I looked around on the internet and decided it should be a 2 or 4 in women's/juniors. I went to the 4's first and for the first time I looked at a pair of size 4 pants and said, "those are huge!" I ended up getting her a size 2 and they are falling off of her. I should have gotten a 0. Zero's are much harder to find, though and I am sure she will continue to grow into these. Her feet are size 7 1/2, already. I had to get her new shoes in the middle of the school year and I think she may grow out of these too fast, also. She is close to the ends.

Emma's first Jog with Mom! Was a little revealing. We decided to go on a short 20 minute run. Soccer starts in a week and a half. In soccer there are two 45 minute halves. Emma was busting a lung at 4 minutes. Winter, growth spurts and inactivity have not been good to her. She "only" walked 8 times during our 20 minute run. She even ran her hand through a thorn bush and got a thorn in it just to give herself a reason to stop. I am not kidding- she told us the truth! We are going again on Thursday. I hope she survives!My First time being potentially impaled by scouting! Most of you know that we really aren't into cubscouts that much, but we did decide to finish the one rank. I don't even know which one. I think it was the wolf or bobcat. Anyway, at the blue and gold that we went to, Sam got to pin the mother's pin on me. I chose for him to do it on the sleeve of my shirt- much less dangerous!

Sleeping discussions with my husband- Definitely not a first! Although they haven't happened since the end of Sapper school. He was trying to find his Sapper pin before he went to sleep last night, so maybe that had something to do with it. After Sapper school, he was always waking me up asking where his pants were, where his gear was, where his gun was, etc. Last night he wanted to know where his velcro was. What? He woke me up by climbing on top of me and pulling all my sheets and blankets off. Then searching for his velcro strap. Apparently, I had one, but his was missing. I told him to look on his watch and that made him mad, because his watch was a strap, not velcro, and it finished with a "fine, don't help me!" I have learned to just go back to sleep after these discussions. He sort of remembers part of it when he wakes up. I just hope I don't wake up dead one day, because I was the enemy!


Anonymous said...

You could wake up dead from robert sitting on you. Maybe you two need separate beds. your mom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Emma is between wearing girl clothes and starting on Juniors. Those are difficult times to fit mostly because she will be another size in a month. That is what happens when children become young men and women- like teen-agers. Mom

gretchen said...

Even with it being on the sleeve, you're still "guiding" him with your other hand. Ha!!

12feetoftrouble said...

What, not into cubscouts? Aren't Rangers just big boy scouts: all that survival, rope tying, making fire, man stuff.